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Name:Det Scotty Valens
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Scotty is a homicide detective with the Philadelphia Police Department. He is partnered with Detective Lilly Rush. Transferred to Homicide from West Detectives in the fall of 2003, replacing Lilly's first partner Chris Lassing. Young, cocky, and full of himself at first, he nonetheless quickly earned the rest of the squad's respect.

Scotty was born to Ramiro and Rosa Valens, born in the 1970's. He is of Cuban and Puerto Rican decent. Scotty grew up looking up to his older brother, Mike Valens, who he shared a bunkbed with and who looked out for him. As a child, Scotty witnessed Mike being sexually assaulted by their boxing coach and kept this secret for years, even after Coach Fitzpatrick was indicted for molesting other young boys. After being persuaded by ADA Alexandra Thomas, Scotty approaches his brother about the case, only to have Mike vehemently deny any knowledge of it. Scotty accepts this until weeks later, when Mike has a nervous breakdown, soon followed by the suicide death of one of their childhood friends and the only witness in the molestation case. Faced with no other choice, Scotty admits what he witnessed and Mike is persuaded to testify, with Scotty by his side.

Scotty was once engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Elisa, but the engagement was truncated by her frequent hospitalizations for schizophrenia. They remained in a relationship of sorts, living together at times, but her frequent relapses wore on Scotty. By late 2004, Elisa was once again hospitalized and her condition seemed to be worsening. Unexpectedly, in January of 2005, her body was found floating in the Schuylkill River by officers from Scotty's old precinct, including Anna Mayes. Upon being informed of this by Lieutenant John Stillman, Scotty was stunned, and insisted she must have been murdered, as her apparent 'suicide note' recited only the happy times in their relationship. Scotty has held onto this belief ever since, insisting on keeping a box on Elisa with the other cold cases, despite everyone else's belief that her apparent suicide was just that.

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